How to get your dream home without compromise

Building A Custom Home

How do you get everything you desire in a custom home build? The secret is in the planning. Your custom wish-list should include practical considerations that accommodate the needs of your family members. The design process is an opportunity to personalise the home to suit your lifestyle, whether it is meeting the needs of a growing family by including multiple entertaining areas or downsizing with minimal maintenance requirements, so you can easily go travelling.

Invest extra time in the planning stage

As one of Adelaide’s leading custom home builders, Samuel James Homes has seen first-hand the difference that careful consideration makes in the planning stage. They spend time getting to know their clients long before they start work on a design. They know that the extra time invested in custom planning will deliver a dream home that is a pleasure to live in.

Decide what works for your family

Some inclusions may be obvious, but others only take shape by asking questions about your lifestyle. For example, Samuel James Homes custom designed for a client with a large family of five boys all wanting their own room. The parents decided that each bedroom should be the same size to avoid arguments. There were to be no shower screens; only tiles in the showers for easier cleaning. A pool was mandatory.

Another large family wanted a custom home theatre with two rows of seating and a bar included. Another client chose to incorporate a terrace that would connect their family area and swimming pool and sports court. A couple who enjoying caravanning specified that the driveway should be flat to accommodate the caravan and make reversing easier.

Other custom requests have included a prayer room, pool house, display niches in an entry to feature a clients’ existing artworks, a cloakroom to the entry, an outdoor shower, a library and a dedicated sewing space with storage incorporated into a home gym. Some clients include private media rooms while others like these facilities incorporated into family spaces.

Bedrooms and guest rooms

Guest rooms are a frequent custom inclusion. Samuel James Homes say that it is also comforting to be able to cater for extended family members. They recently completed a home with two purpose-built custom guest rooms provided for parents to visit, each with its own ensuite bathroom and separate from the other bedrooms in the house.
Placement of rooms can also be more carefully thought through with a custom home build. Clients may choose to position children’s bedrooms close to the master or far away from it, depending on the age of the children. Some clients will allow children to have their own walk-in robes and ensuite bathrooms.

Entertain much?

The number of people you regularly cook for and the frequency and scope of your entertaining will determine how much emphasis to place on kitchen areas. This can be quite specific. For example, Samuel James Homes worked with a client who specified storage on three sides with no open shelving, and a Butler’s pantry that would incorporate a second dishwasher. Other custom clients duplicate kitchens to extend their catering capacity. Some request a full outdoor kitchen with custom heating and lighting. Others go for simple kitchens with the latest appliances. Minimalism is trending as some clients view the cleanliness and appearance of a kitchen as a reflection of their inner self. Homeowners want built-in technology that is subtle to the eye.

Put your money into areas you value

This allows you to achieve your desired outcome whilst maintaining your budget and not comprising the home. Decide what is most important to you. A quality custom home builder will help you work through your options. Samuel James Homes recently designed a custom Tusmore home with two options; one as a two-storey residence including a tennis court and swimming pool; the other option without the pool and built on one level only. As the client, it is your decision and within your reach to create your dream home.