Our Process

Our team will work closely with you to custom design the home you’ve been waiting to build all your life. The building process is a collaborative one, filled with possibilities and creativity. We also address the practical aspects, ensuring a balance between function and aesthetics. We’ll discuss all the possibilities but also any limitations or challenges that need to be addressed.

Your block of land will be an important starting point, as we will want to design your home to take the best advantage of the site, aspect, and environmental considerations. We’ll discuss everything you want to incorporate to suit your lifestyle requirements. You may choose to include elements you may have seen in our display homes. We’ll work through all of this with you until we are all clear about what we are trying to achieve.

Once the design has been fine-tuned, and approval has been given, you are ready to build. At Samuel James, we involve you in every aspect of the construction of your new home, reporting our progress and addressing all your questions. It is your home, so we know you’ll be excited to monitor its progress and watch it take shape before your eyes!

You will have many selections to make and many decisions about finishes and décor. We will be here for you with as much assistance as you require. We coordinate all the trades and services, ensuring construction goes to plan and ascertain our high completion standards are met. It’s an exciting time for you, full of promise and anticipation.

When everything is finished, you will be ready to start the next phase of your life in your beautiful new home. All the planning, research and insistence on those last details have come together! You can take ownership and embrace your new lifestyle! Even after you move in, know that our service continues with after-sales support. You will be so pleased you decided to build with Samuel James Homes.