Questions you need to ask before starting a custom home build.

What Questions Do I need to ask before starting a custom home build?

Qualify your prospective builder.

Making the decision to build a custom home is an important milestone so your next task is to find a reputable builder who will be the best fit for you. When you build a custom home you’ll be working with your builder and their team for almost a year. How responsive will they be? At Samuel James Homes we think there are some standard questions you need to ask at the beginning. Ask how long the builder has been in business. How many homes do they build each year? Do they use their own trades? A proven track record of delivering high quality homes on budget and on time is your first assurance. The number of homes your custom home builder completes in a year will also give you an indication of their capacity and their ability to provide a personalised service. Samuel James Homes has been building custom homes for South Australian families for over 25 years with a team that is second to none.

Enjoy the creative process but be clear about the financials.

It is wonderful to plan a custom home and to be filled with exciting ideas, but set a budget and stick to it. Ensure you choose a custom builder who is realistic about what it will cost to deliver. Know what the price includes.. Samuel James Homes has the knowledge and expertise to help you undertake a custom home build with complete confidence. Our experience takes away the surprise element.

Qualify any trade and product suppliers.

Package homes frequently offer a “one fits all” solution with standard inclusions for appliances, décor, floor coverings and lighting. A custom home build is different because the inclusions will differ depending on the design choices you make. Individuality is at the core of a custom home build. Ask what trade and product suppliers your builder uses and recommends? Do you have input into these providers? Do you know why they recommend some suppliers over others? Every trade, supplier and product used to create your custom home build will impact on the final result. At Samuel James Homes our expectations are high. We thrive on attention to detail so we like to get every little thing right. We value our tradespeople and our suppliers for their vital contributons to your custom home build.

Can you inspect the finished product?

Can the custom home builder you select produce a list of properties for you to inspect? Do they stand proudly by their work? Do they invite your inspection and your feedback? At Samuel James Homes we pride ourselves on the many testimonials we have received from satisfied clients who have been thrilled with our work. Our clients truly enjoy the process of building a custom home with us. Over the years we have also received many industry awards and accolades, including the HIA Australian Show Home of The Year. As a potential client, we are always happy to provide you with a “drive by” list of homes we have completed, so you can drive past and see the standard of custom home we consistently produce. We can also refer you to clients who are happy to discuss their building experience with Samuel James Homes. You can also visit our stunning show home packed with design and building ideas.

Do you have access to the same person throughout the build?

Is there a personal contact to liaise with throughout the building process? It’s an important question as there will be many questions over the months to come and you will want to be kept informed of the progress as your custom home build takes shape. Who is responsible for undertaking the work? Who will report to you? Who will you call when you want to talk to someone? At Samuel James Homes our team will work closely with you at all times. Our building process is a collaborative and responsive one, filled with possibilities, creativity and reassurance.

Is the payment schedule clearly defined?

What costs are involved during the process? A payment schedule should clearly define every aspect together with a payment timeline. At Samuel James Homes the financials are clearly documented and defined.

What is the process?

Knowing exactly what to expect and when can make the process of building a custom home a smooth and enjoyable one. At Samuel James we involve you in every aspect of the construction of your new home, reporting our progress and addressing all your questions. We coordinate all the trades and services, ensuring construction goes to plan, and ascertaining our high standards of completion are met. All of this is outlined during our initial meetings with you. Even after you move in, our service continues with after-sales support.

Can you supply your own products or is this mandated?

Some builders will have lock-in contracts that specify the use of designated products, but at Samuel James Homes this is all negotiable. We always advise clients on how best to achieve their desired outcomes using our knowledge, experience and contacts. One of the joys of building a custom home is the ability to be involved in the creative process. The rewards will be yours for the next five, ten or twenty years, or for an entire lifetime, as you enjoy your new home well into the future.