What Makes A Great Custom Home?

Custom Home Design Means You Don’t Need To Compromise

A custom home design tailors every aspect of your home to your needs. There is no need to compromise or be limited by a layout that may not cater to your living situation. Instead, you have the freedom to make an ideal ‘wish list’ of all your expectations. A great custom home begins with a great custom home design and the right choice of builder. As one of Adelaide’s leading custom home builders, Samuel James Homes suggest you prioritise your needs to decide what features you consider mandatory and what features you are less rigid about. Are you looking for a particular style or do you want complete originality? Are there any limitations or constraints? A great custom home design is the product of an attentive builder who listens and works well with you. Your satisfaction means everything to a great custom home builder.

Why Adapting An Existing Design May Have Limitations

Some builders offer to adapt their existing floor plans but in real terms, this may not offer flexibility. You may be able to move or remove a wall to help you re-configure a room, but the allowable changes may be limited. There may be design and construction constraints pertinent to the original specifications that restrict some alterations. A major re-design can add thousands of dollars to the price and you may still need to compromise on what you want.

All Allotments Are Not Created Equal

Standard homes are typically designed for standard allotments, but not all allotments are the same. The best custom home designs create a connection with the land they are built on. They are constructed to make the best possible use of the allotment. There are many influences that impact the decision to buy an allotment including location, size, elevation, views, natural environment, the neighbourhood, neighbours, noise, price and investment potential. Perhaps your land is in an area with great schools, or is close to your workplace or to weekend recreation?

Why go to all the trouble of choosing your ideal allotment and not make the most of it? A custom home design can take all the features of your allotment into account. It can be designed to make the most of any views or to maximise the natural light or solar capacity. It can use sight lines to give every window the most advantageous outlook. A custom home design can deliver energy efficiency, privacy and security. Importantly, it gives you an opportunity to create an individual custom home that you can appreciate and enjoy for a lifetime.

Why Orientation Is Important

The value of placing your home in the correct orientation will be more evident as the seasons pass by. A custom home design accounts for this. Ever been a guest in an outdoor area where the full sun is in your eyes all afternoon? Ever experienced a home that remains dark during winter and often needs lights on during the day? This is why the correct placement of your home on your allotment can make living and entertaining so much more enjoyable over time. Correct orientation can also have a big impact on the size of your energy bills. It can help reduce or even eliminate the need for auxiliary heating and cooling. When you create a custom home design with a quality builder like Samuel James Homes, your designer will discuss the various options with you and explain how working with nature’s elements can maximise your comfort for years to come.

Designed For The Way You Live

Standard home designs generalise the way people live by presenting solutions that will suit the majority of family situations. The problem is that there is no such thing as a standard family anymore. Custom home design addresses this. The requirements of families with young children can be quite different to those with teenagers. Professional couples, singles and retirees all have specific needs for their stage of life. When you commit to a custom home design you can have exactly what you need. Some people want an emphasis on entertaining, while some have hobbies and special interests to accommodate. Purpose-built spaces like wine cellars, music rooms, media rooms, formal dining rooms, kids play rooms, dressing rooms, a study, library, billiard room, mud room or a butler’s pantry are individual choices. These will be at the top of the list for some people but not a priority for others.

Custom home design also includes consideration of outdoor spaces. Gardeners can create a custom home design to satisfy their passion for greenery. Others will prefer hard-landscaping solutions offering minimal maintenance. Shedding, parking and storage options are limitless with a custom home design. Only a custom home design can cater to the specific needs of those living under your roof. Working with a custom home design represents an opportunity to create harmony and comfort, with great pride and satisfaction.

Enjoy A High Level Of Inclusions

It is all the extras that personalise your home. Inclusions such as a dropped or raked ceiling, extended ceiling height, wide cornices, architectural lighting, the use of contemporary finishes, natural materials such as stone, granite and timber, the choice of doors and windows, skylights, appliances and the inclusion of outdoor structures all take your custom home design to the next level. Custom home design offers the opportunity to specify inclusions that make your home stand out. Samuel James Homes have created stunning display homes in Adelaide where you can see the impact of selective inclusions. Their experience is your inspiration.

See The Difference Made By A High Standard Of Specifications

Quality is the tangible result of choosing a quality builder to bring your custom home design to life. Their focus is on creating an outcome that is unique to you, where every detail is specified to exactly meet your requirements. You will also enjoy the luxury of a project manager assigned directly to your custom build, supervising every aspect of construction. This means that continuity is retained throughout the build.

The difference in the final result is astounding. Your custom builder’s dedication to setting high specification standards is vital. This is clearly the case at Samuel James Homes. Their commitment to producing a quality custom home design sets them apart in the market. Their portfolio of fabulous homes demonstrates what can be achieved with a custom home builder who has mastered the process of custom home design.